Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lago Atitlán

Given that I've been at Lago Atitlán for close to a month now, I have done a remarkably poor job of writing about it (surprise!). I spent awhile reading westerns in a hammock with a cold and survived my first stomach bug. I've walked around fairly sizable portions of the shore, and received surprised looks from many of the tuk tuk drivers passing me. And I've been learning to weave in San Juan La Laguna. Now I could talk a lot about how special San Juan is, particularly their use of natural dyes, but for now I will suffice with a handful (or more) of photos of my first weaving projects and other adventures from the lake.

Welcome to paradise

The quest for wifi

Sunset over the volcano

Time for a swim

Living in a treehouse

Rising lake waters have reclaimed a park

My water supply

The worlds smallest puzzle

My first scarf!

View from the roof

The next challenge

The classroom - tourists thought I knew what I was doing and took my photo

My new friend

Scarf number 2!

Learning to embroider

Scarf number three

Market day in Santiago

Embroidered Quetzal

A full size loom - first one I've found here!

San Pedro

Two new friends

La playa 

Mayan sauna (not as hot as Finland)

Scarf four


Hanging out at the playground

Walking home